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PandaWorld Raised About $6,000 Through Tencent's National Giving Day Event

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

PandaWorld raised 40,269.77 RMB (approximately $5,920) between 9/7/2020 and 9/9/2020 through Tencent's National Giving Day event. We would like to thank all the donors for their generous support. In addition, we received very generous corporate match from four other companies and Tencent Charity Foundation. All the money we raised will be used to support the Conservation efforts of , such as DNA collection.

Here are a couple of videos made by WWF, which show a group of people work hard in high mountains with blizzard to protect giant panda and snow leopard. They cross turbulent rivers using simple rope-way to collect panda DNA and install infrared cameras. Kudos to these heroes!

* The videos are provided by Wolong National Nature Reserve.

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