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A Deeper Look at Cancer and How Food Can Stop It

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Almost everyone has developed tumors in the past. However, there's a key distinction between most lethal tumors and the microscopic ones that you never even notice: angiogenesis. This process is the formation of new blood vessels, in this case around a tumor. Although we don't fully understand how this occurs, we do know that cell signals normally used for growth or repair sometimes end up triggering the growth of new blood vessels towards cancer cells. This provides the tumor with oxygen and nutrients, allowing it to grow and become malignant. To make things worse, these tumors cannot be surgically removed because that would require severing the blood vessels, resulting in high amounts of blood loss. However, there is an incredibly easy way to reduce your risk. Simply diversifying your diet to include more fruits and vegetables will naturally increase your level of angiogenesis inhibitors. Some beverages, like tea, have the same property, and when combine they actually have greater effect. In other words, if you're a picky eater, now might be the time to consider trying some new things. It might just save your life someday!

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