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3 Weird Facts About Baby Pandas

  1. They're pink when they're born. Baby pandas don't grow any fur until they're about a week old, so for a short period of time they actually look pink! They're iconic black and white look doesn't fully develop until they're about a month old.

  2. They're underdeveloped. If you've ever wondered why pandas have such a hard time reproducing successfully, part of that is because baby pandas are so vulnerable. When they're born, they're only 1/1000 of their mother's size and have a very weak skeleton. On top of that, they're blind too, which makes survival very difficult.

  3. They grow very quickly. You might be wondering how long cubs take to grow up if they start so small. Well, it turns out that pandas are able to live on their own after just a year and a half and sometimes reach sexual maturity in just four years! For comparison, grizzly bears stay with their mother for at least two years and reach sexual maturity in five years!

If you want to learn more about these adorable little critters, click here

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