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PandaWorld Raised Over $6,000 Through China's National Giving Day Event

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

PandaWorld raised 44,749.2 RMB (approximately 6,400 dollars) between 9/7/19 and 9/9/19 through China's National Giving Day event. We received very generous corporate match from Tencent Charity Foundation and four other companies. All the money we raised will be used to support Panda Conservation in Wild Life initiative, enhancing panda conservation in giant pandas' natural habitat and around panda corridors. ONE PLANET and WWF will use the money raised by us and other organizations, 2.66 million RMB in total (about 380,000 dollars), to fund a series of projects. Some examples are panda DNA collection around panda corridors, and 100 energy-efficient stoves in panda habitats. .

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